Custom icons help!


I wanna be able to use my custom icons in builtin ionic components, let’s say ion-tabs for example, I wanna be able to put my own icons as the tab icons? How can I achieve this, I tried many solutions like iconmoon etc, but to no prevail, is there anyone who can guide me. Please keep it basic and step by step.


We have trouble with this ourselves when we started working with ionic. They have a great sample set but eventually we wanted to customize.

Here is a code-snippet of how to do it. I strongly advise you separate the CSS into it’s own style sheet. This is just proof-of-concept to help you move forward.

<a class="tab-item" 
     style= "display: flex;
             flex-direction: column;
             justify-content: center;">

    <span  style="background-image: url('');
                          height: 30px;
                          width: 30px;
                         margin: 0 auto;">


I’ve attached a quick screenshot example of it in effect!


So basically there is no way to create my own icon pack ? Which I can use directly.