Error: Please install Android target "android-19"

While building my ionic app in netbeans after 2 seconds an error was thrown stating:

Error: Please install Android target “android-19”.
Hint: Run “android” from your command-line to open the SDK manager.

I already have Android 4.4.2 (API 19) installed and all the build tools.

Can someone help me with this error?

maybe its referencing to the android version that your app is targeted to.
You can see and change that value in platforms > android > androidmanifest.xml
there you will see a line with a configuration similar to this:

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="10" android:targetSdkVersion="19" />

Where do I find the platforms folder in a ionic project? I don’t see any in mine nor a androidmanifest.xml file, is that my problem? If so how can i get this into my project?

how did you start your project?
Ionic needs to work with cordova. Cordova is tool that allows you to wrap a html page (in this case, built with ionic) into a native app. Cordova is the tool that creates the said platform folder and other project folders.

Here you have a tutorial to get started with ionic:

As a bonus, i attach you one screenshot showing you the average folder structure for a cordova project

I checked my project and it doesn’t have the merges, platforms nor plugins folder. Also I created a new project with ionic start myApp sidemenu and it still wasn’t created with these folders. Any ideas why?

Check if you have cordova installed by writing on your console cordova -v. If is not installed, run sudo npm install cordova.

Alternatively, you may want to create a new project with cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld and then replace the contents of the www folder for your ionic project.

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Your alternate option works just fine, I can now debug the project without error.

cordova -v gives me 3.6.3-0.2.13
Is this version up to date? Is it the reason why the ionic start myApp sidemenu didn’t include the necessary folders needed on creation? How do I get the ionic to create correctly?

the cordova version is correct, you have the latest one.
if ionic start myapp sidemenu is not working for you might be because ionic is not correctly installed.
Try to reinstall it writing sudo npm install -g ionic and then try to start the app again.

If this does not work, ask @mhartington he might help you


I just got the same error, doing the same things. Where can I change ther android-19 version to android-20?


ionic platform add android
ionic build android

That’s what I’m doing @felipew .
But, what I want is to know where can I change Andrid-19 to andorid-20.

I had exact same problem that started with last friday. All of suden, i started to get this error. First thing to do is open up Android SDK Manager and check if android-19 is installed. If not installed then…well install it and check if that helped.If that didn’t work, then checked enviorment variable ANDROID_HOME and check its path to sdk. Got to that path and check if there realy is android-19 installed. In my case, android SDK manager was installing packages to some other folder (looks like i had multiple android sdk downloaded) and not to the one that my ANDROID_HOME variable was pointing to.

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Up to now I am still having this problem.

Any help please?

I installed all the tool and everything in android 4.4.2 (API 19). What else do I need to do?

I checked if the android-19 was installed and it was.

I can’t change the android version that the app is targeting because I can’t create the platform folder in the first place.

any help please?

Would you please tell me how to check android-19 was installed? I was told that android-19 is a new sdk, but my atd just R-17


Thanks a lot for this information. This saves my day.
I have homebrew somehow installed android-sdk as well as android studio and my path is pointing to the wrong sdk directory.

When I installed the target, it is actually installed into the wrong directory.


-android sdk build-tool 19

  • android API 19

I downloaded Android studio and switched my paths to their sdk platforms and platform-tools. I installed Android SKD Build tools 19 through the SDK manager, but it’s not showing up in my skd\platforms. I did confirm that I’m looking at the correct SDK Path. Any ideas?

cmd: type android:
download this android sdk build-tool 19,android API 19