How to build a complicated local database


Hello guys,

I’m building an app with many html pages containing different info.
Each page needs different media files loaded inside and each of them can be navigated using a search bar implemented as a part of menu.
I realized this configuration is not be the best and am trying to downsize the number of pages into only one and build a local database to load data to divs on my page.

How do you guys configure this kind of set up?
and how can I make search result load data and lots of media files properly to many different divs?
Especially, how can I make specific functions loaded from a database?
So, with a single click on search database, the whole content of HTML page should change.
I would appreciate any example ts files or relevant tutorials.



-> I am trying to downsize the number of pages

Angular supports dynamic content:

Or you could use ng-dynamic-forms and describe your ‘forms’ using JSON:

For example:

ngOnInit() {

    this.http.get<object[]>('./app/my-dynamic-form.model.json').subscribe(formModelJson => {

        this.formModel = this.formService.fromJSON(formModelJson);
        this.formGroup = this.formService.createFormGroup(this.formModel);


Thanks for your response, I decided to study Angular more on this topic!