How to autofill/autocomplete in ionic text input without extra plugin/library


Hi every one!
I want autocomplete/autofill in ionic text input and I don’t want to use any extra plugin/library.

This is very common feature and ionic should have built-in functionality of autofill.
plz help…


Why should ionic provide an autofill option?

It is more like suggesting… It depends on your purpose.
If you need it for suggesting search -> implement it (a container below your input field with the suggested search results.)

In that box is a list with a ng-click, that triggers a function to update your ngModel of you input field.

Why extra plugin all in all. The most difficult part is the positioning of the container below the input field.
But no magic there… if you are know things about css and position absolut ;).


@bengtler I have input field in header then tabs-top here is the scenario

I want autofill in the header input field. The issue is how to set the container that will show the suggestions??


Is there some reason you can’t use an premade Angular directive?


@andrewmcgivery I used “angucomplete” premade angular directive but it has container issue when i used in the header input thats why I am looking for some other way.
Please help me out of this issue.


add this this to the main.css

z-index: initial;
overflow: visible;