How to create autocomplete in header?

I want to create a autocomplete with ion-search.
I use a ion-search and ion-list for show suggestions in autocomplete.
but use in ion-header not show ion-list.
in following autocomplete code:

<ion-searchbar [(ngModel)]="searchModel" (keyup)="keyup($event)" [debounce]="250" 
          (change)="change()"  placeholder="{{ 'SEARCH' | translate }}" (ionClear)="clear()" 

I got the same problem here. Did you find a solution for that ? Can you share it with me please

@rashidi @jooo13

You can’t put auto suggestions with ion-item in header.I also have same kind of requirements.I have achieved the same functionality take a look at it. It may helpful for you…

I have submitted My repo to github too…

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