How to answer to Apple questions about cryptography?

I have to publish an Ionic app that uses HTTPS to use a REST API.

Publishing the App, they ask me these two questions:

  1. Is your app designed to use cryptography or does it contain or incorporate cryptography? (Select Yes even if your app is only utilizing the encryption available in iOS or OS X.)

If I say no the 1) question then this second question appears:

  1. If you are making use of ATS or making a call to HTTPS please note that you are required to submit a year-end self-classification report to the US government.

So, really I have to send a report to the US government?
What kind of report?
What does it mean?

Thank you


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Same question for me! Do you have any hints?

I use crypto.js but I answer no to this question.

HTTPS is especially mentioned there.
Because you have to use https for requests anybody who deal with any API has to say yes?

Yes I use https too, because the web service that the app calls are on https. I’m answering no, but I don’t know what it entails.