App store encryption compliance

I have created an application with ionic that I am trying to deploy on testflight. When deploying to the app store connect tool, it is necessary to answer the question of whether our application uses encryption. If so, a certificate is required. I would like to know if an ionic application, only making a call to an http link (HTTP and not HTTPS) to communicate with my server, is exempt from providing a certificate to apple and from providing a document to the US Chamber of Commerce as specified in the Apple documentation here

thank you for your answers

yes it is exempt, Just say no when that message pops up.

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Correct, HTTPS is exempt from my understanding (though I am no lawyer…lol…and all the verbiage is super confusing). However, you are still supposed to self-report with the federal government on a yearly basis - link. There is a report generator here that I’ve used.

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