How to add keyboard?

Hi !
I’m new on Ionic 2 and I just want to add a keyboard when I click on “search” and then, I want it to be closed when I click anywhere. Currently, I’m here :

Thanks for your answers

Form your screenshot I guess you want to build a search function which give you back a list … have a look at the awesome tutorial of @joshmorony you may find what you are looking for…but shorten, I guess you have to use a ion-searchbar or ion-input component, which let you display automatically the keyboard when user click in the field

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Actually, I want to add google map on this page to be able to search a city all over the world, but I’m learning step by step :joy:

If I could suggest, I would first begin with building the list and search filter like in the tutorial. Once done, you could “just” add the google part and you will be all set.

Step by step, I’m one with the Force, and the Force is with me :wink:

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Yeah I’ll try :smiley: thanks

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