How to add default value to input hidden in ionic

i use this method but he doesn’t work

input type=“text” hidden [(ngModel)]=“lag” [value]="helle"
input type=“text” hidden [(ngModel)]=“lag” [(ngValue)]=“hello”

Can anybody help me, please?

This doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the input is hidden, although I am curious as to why you are dealing with hidden inputs at all. I can’t think of a situation where they would be necessary in an Angular application.

In any event, when you double-bind with [(ngModel)], that bound property is in charge of the value of the element. So just assign to lag in the controller.


node terminal:
Welcome to Ionic Pro! The CLI is now set up to use Ionic Pro services.
You can revert back to Ionic Cloud (legacy) services at any time:
ionic config set -g backend legacy
Log into your Ionic account
If you don’t have one yet, create yours by running: ionic signup
? Email: *******
? Password: [input is hidden]

Won’t take typed input. How does one enter the password? Thanks-