Value in input field will not display with ngControl

I am using Ionic framework 4 . I want to set a default value in input tag .

here is my code :

in .ts file

constructor( private route: ActivatedRoute,private router: Router, private sqlite: SQLite, private sqliteDbCopy: SqliteDbCopy) {

  this.PhNumber = this.route.snapshot.paramMap.get('number');


in html:

 >  <ion-input type="text"  [(ngModel)]="ph_number" value={{PhNumber}}></ion-input>
>   <ion-button  size="small" type="submit"  expand="block" (click)="saveChat()">Send Your Message</ion-button>

But don’t know why the value is not displaying in the text field. If I remove the ngModel like :

>  <ion-input type="text"   value={{PhNumber}} ></ion-input>
>   <ion-button  size="small" type="submit"  expand="block" (click)="saveChat()">Send Your Message</ion-button>

The value is displaying . I am new in Ionic please help . How to display the value with ngModel . without ngModel how can I save data to database.

My save to database function :

msg='';ph_number ='';


        var status='Outgoing';

          name: 'chat_app.db',
          location: 'default'
        }).then( (db: SQLiteObject) => {

          db.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS chat_list_details(id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,ph_number VARCHAR(32),status VARCHAR(32),msg TEXT)', [])
          .then(() => console.log('Executed SQL'))
          .catch(e => console.log(e));

          db.executeSql(" INSERT INTO chat_list_details (ph_number,status,msg) VALUES (?,?,?) ", [ this.ph_number,status,this.msg ] ).then(() => console.log('value inserted in SQL'))
          .catch(e => console.log(e));



If you set ngModel equal to PhNumber and remove value, you should be good to go.

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Then how the value of phone number will be save to the database

How can I get the value of phone number in my saveChat() functtion please help

It is in this.PhNumber