How to add a common page to a tab view?


I am a newbie with Ionic (less than 1 week) and after searching for a couple of hours have hit a dead-end. I am dead certain that I am not forging any new territory here and that there must be an “easy” way to do this (well, I guess “easy” is relative because if you know how, it is easy! ).

I spawned a new project based off ‘tabs’. I have an ion-tab for ‘Home’, ‘Call’, ‘Chats’, and ‘Contacts’. I also added a side menu to the left. Inside this side menu I added multiple menu items including one called ‘User Settings’ with a ui-sref to go to the state associated with this settings page. I am able to navigate to the ‘User Settings’ if I anchor the view off of one of the views associated with the tab (i.e., ‘app-home’). It auto-magically adds a ‘Back’ button which works nicely. My problem is that I do not want to associate this “User Settings” state with a particular tab. I want this to be independent of a tab view and basically a common page. It doesn’t need to have a Back button though that would be nice. I know I could hack this together with some ng-if’s though that does not sound like the proper way to do it.

Any help is much appreciated. TIA


got away from my keyboard and figured it out…embarrassingly simple. This is powered by AngularJS after all so it was more an AngularJS question than an Ionic one. Just create another state at same level as login and main-page…duh :slight_smile: