How radio inside a ion-item verticaly aling to top?

By default all content are center verticlay, but i want aling the radio verticaly to the top. this is my code

   <ion-item  mode="wp" *ngFor="let option of ports">
       <ion-radio  item-up mode="wp"  [value]="option" [disabled]="!option.Enabled" ></ion-radio>
       <ion-label  >{{option.Name}} • {{option.WeekDay}}</ion-label>         

and this is the current result


i want this result


The checkbox verticaly aligend to top.

Any ideas ??? Thanks

You will need to inspect the HTML structure, then apply some CSS to override the positioning. IT might be .item-wp .radio-wp. Maybe the margin values or the Flexbox alignment will work

Thanks a lot

this is the solution

.item-wp .radio-wp{
align-self: flex-start;