How pass data from provider to page

i have a login sytem and a list of datas (basic : date and title) with firebase

One page : account , on open i have a provider and get account infos
Second page : display list of items, on open a provider request to get list and display it

it work but i have a delay between the request and the display
to remove this i want a provider, just after login with a ini fonction get account data and list data

After login i call iniProfile() inside my DataserviceProvider

in DataserviceProvider
public account : Account; (Account is a interface)

let data = this.userProvider.getInfos().subscribe((snapshot)=>{
let infos = snapshot.val();
this.account = {
fullname : infos.fullname,
email :,


this.userProvider.getInfos() : it’s another provider dedicate to account information

in account page
import { Account } from ‘…/…/providers/user/iaccount’;
import { DataserviceProvider } from ‘…/…/providers/dataservice/dataservice’;

export class AccountPage {
@Input() account: Account;
console.log(this.account) => undefined

thanks for your help