How keep Ionic application running for many day, as Whatsup?

I have made many researches to keep my application alive when user type the back button.
What I remark when user type the back button the application is stopped, he must relaunch again.
So how to make application still run even the user type back button?
Or is it necessary to create a background service?
I hope that my man @mhartington has response element for me :slight_smile:

Background services are going to be the way to go here.
So all app, native or hybrid, live in a sandbox by default.
So for them to have access to background tasks, they have to explicitly opt in to background tasks.

Hi i tried the same plugin, but the issue is when when app is closed service also get closed.
Is there a way to keep service running
even after

any solution ? same problem

anyone solved ?is there any way do this