Background service


I know its not a question directly about Ionic, but here’s my situation:
I’m using Ionic and Cordova (NO phonegap) and I need to periodically (like twice a day, or something like that) update some data on Sqlite Database even when the app is closed. I tried to use the plugin:, but it was not enough because the app can get closed and my task wont be done.

Is there a way to do a perodic service even with the app closed? A way, like coding this service in Java (native) or something like that?

Thank you

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Same issue…

Is there any solution, how to achieve this?

I created my own Cordova Plugin

@filipebr can you share your plugin?

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can you shared your own plugin?
i need this so much

I have the same problem and it would be great if someone can let us know how they solved the problem