How Ionic deploy detects the users device?

Hi Ionic Team,

I was going through Ionic deploy feature and would like to know how ionic deploy identifies the real-time users device and updates the app what is being deployed through the channel?
We are exploring Ionic features for our hybrid mobile app development. It will be helpful if you help me to understand this feature.

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This is a community forum, you will not get sales support here - the team is not around that much.
Better use

Hi Sujan,

Thanks for the response. But I’m looking here to understand how ionic deploy works- how it detects the
real-time users device for updating the app? and not sales support.

Thank you,

The code for that functionality lives here:

You can jump in and see if there is some user_id stuff going on, and what is sent to the Ionic servers.
My guess:

Anything else is server side and we don’t know - you have to talk to Ionic about how that logic works.

Again my guess: Number of unique UUIDs that interacted per time frame.

Ah nope, UUID is the unique ID of a deploy - not of the user.

To be honest, I couldn’t find any other value that could uniquely identify the user in that part of the code.

So: No idea :frowning: