Finding the Ionic Deploy UUID

I have set up Ionic Deploy in my app (v3) and have it running the manual check process to watch for new deploy builds.

One of the things I have set it up to do is to find the deploy_uuid from the getCurrentVersion() function and match it to an ID in my database that will keep track of information about the deploy build (ex. is it required, update notes, version name, etc.).

Right now the only way I am able to find the deploy_uuid is by running a production version of my app with an incremented version number and using the versioning controls to prevent it from updating my production apps, then watching the logs in my local production build to check the deploy_uuid.

My question is this:
Is there a way to get the deploy_uuid or another sort of identifier for the deploy build without having to run the getCurrentVersion() in my app? It seems like this ID should be displayed in the control panel or at least the log output from the build process.