How I can open a project in browser when LiveReload don't go to the my project

Good time! I very bad speak and write English)). Please. help me. When I generate new folder in ionic app, I call ionic serve, but it show me “localhost:8100/tab1/tab1”. Then I delete “tab1/tab1” and write “/myApp/myApp”, but LiveReload again show me localhost:8100, I tried again and again write the path to my project, but it show me again and again localhost:8100. What can I do?

What error you facing in the console log? If you delete tab/tab1 and write myApp/myApp. you must be create a page with the name of myApp and it’s stuck on localhost:8100 bcz it’s try to find route with the name of tab/tab1 and therefor it’s fails in finding o you get error.

Good morning. Thank’s. I find my mistakes. The path was wrong. Thank you.

Glad to hear that you solved your issue.


I can’t build my project in ionicframework

There are all dependencies in it, but when I write “ng build --prod”, terminal write “not found command”? Why?
Help me, please. I just learn JS and it very difficult for me

You can’t build ionic project with ng build. Use:
ionic cordova build android --aot --prod

instead off:

The full documentation about the command can be found here: