Using livereload when index.html is not in the root of www

hi I have a problem with livereload,
Inside the www directory the estructure is similar to

/project .....
            ( some libs)
           (some custom js files)
           (here the rest of angular app)

the build run fine because i put this line in the config.xml file

<content src="app1/index.html"/>

but livereload not works, when i use

ionic run android -l

show the msg :

"Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘THE_PATH\www\index.html’

i check in the platform and i find maybe the problem in the file


the line

<content original-src="app1/index.html" src="" />

I thing do are

<content original-src="app1/index.html" src="" />

but i can’t find a way to change that.

any idea how change that?