How i can add new css files like Animate.css


i want to add Animate .css to my ionic 2 app rc3

i tried to add it to src/index.html but it doesn`t work , any one have an good solution to add css files like Animate.css | bootstrap to my project


I put animate.css in the src/theme folder, changed the extension to scss, then in src/app.scss, added:
@import “…/theme/animate.scss”;

I also created an animateDelays.scss with a number of standard timing delays for animate.css, and imported it the same way, so I can add a class to an element create the desired delay

It works really well


Are You use ionic 2 rc3 ?


Unfortunately it dosen`t work;


Yes, I’m running the latest, RC3.


Are you applying both classes, ‘animated’ and the effect (such as ‘fadeInUp’)? Both classes must applied to the element you wish to animate.