How facebook-passport authentication using ionic2 and express app works?

So I am trying to add facebook authentication to my ionic2 app using express and passportjs. I almost got it working except the last part of redirecting the user back to ionic2 app after authorization. my both the apps are working on different ports; ionic2 running on http://localhost:8100 and express app for backend stuff running on http://localhost:8000 .

These are the steps I followed:

  1. Created app on and got the App ID and secret ID.

  2. Under Products>Facebook>settings, I have added callBack url as

  3. Then in my express app which is running on localhost:8000, I have added facebook authentication strategy as shown in which is something like this:

      passport.use(new FacebookStrategy({
         clientID: FACEBOOK_APP_ID,
         clientSecret: FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET,
         callbackURL: "http://localhost:8000/auth/facebook/callback"
       function(accessToken, refreshToken, profile, cb) {
          User.findOrCreate({ facebookId: }, function (err, user) {
             return cb(err, user);
         passport.authenticate('facebook', { failureRedirect: '/login' }),
         function(req, res) {
        // Successful authentication, redirect home.
         res.redirect('/');      //how to redirect back to ionic app instead of /

so now whenever user clicks on facebook button on ionic2 app its going to facebook authentication page and once successfully authenticated it’s redirecting back to localhost:8000/auth/facebook/callback as expected but I want to redirect back to ionic app. how can I solve this problem? Need some guidance to solve this.

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Hey dasariyeshwant! I’m also trying to accomplish the same with Steam. If you’ve still have not solved this then I’ll let you know if i find something, otherwise i’d like some help on how you’ve accomplished this.

Same for me, I just started looking into it. I’m planning on using Facebook Native. Have you made anything work ?

Are you developing a website or a mobile app…?

I still didn’t get any solution yet. I am developing ionic mobile app.

For my part, I’m developing a mobile app

Hey guys, I wanted to share what I did, if this can help somebody.

First I use the Native Facebook login plugin where I am getting back some user infos and an access token. I send this to my server.

On the server side, I created my own strategy using the Custom Strategy plugin. To ensure a little bit of security, I use the access token to request the user ID from Facebook and compare it to the one I have in the request. If there is a match, I check if the user is already created using the Facebook ID. If this user doesn’t exist, I create it otherwise I return the user.

So far it seems to work ! If you have any advice on how to improve this solution, I would be more than happy to hear them :slight_smile:

var facebookLogin = new CustomStrategy(function(req, done) {

//Setting up the https request
var accessToken = req.body.accessToken;
var options = {
host : ‘’,
port : 443,
path : ‘/me?fields=id&access_token=’ + accessToken,
method : ‘GET’

//Getting the user ID from the token
var getReq = https.request(options, function(res) {
    console.log("\nstatus code: ", res.statusCode);
    res.on('data', function(data) {
        let parsed = JSON.parse(data);
        //If the return ID is the same as the one in the request body, login the user
        if( =={
          //Check if user exist
  	      facebookId: parseInt(
  	    }, function (err, user) {
  		    	return done(err);
  			//If user don't exist, create the user
  				var user = new User({
  					facebookId: parseInt(,
  					firstname: req.body.first_name,
  					lastname: req.body.last_name,
  					role: "user"
 , newUser){
  						return done(err);
  					done(err, newUser);	
  			} else {
  				done(err, user);

//end the request
getReq.on('error', function(err){
    console.log("Error: ", err);