Social Login within Ionic App

Hi there,

I know this topic has been asked here but got no answer.

I has been stuck with this for days now. Wanted to implement the Facebook login within my Ionic app but the concept is somehow very different with Web-based social login.

In Web-base, my nodejs backend use passport with FacebookStrategy in order to received login token. But this require user to be redirect to a Facebook page. I think this is impossible in an application because of the CALLBACK_URL mechanism. We don’t have any public URL in our application.

Then I have a look on this plugin but i had no idea how does it work with Angular and IONIC at all…

Anyone here experienced with this problem? What is the concept to build social login flow with our app?

I’ve never attempted it either, but it seems like a common issue that people have. This one seems pretty promising though,

And if not that there are a few other plugins that could help out