How do you make money? I want you to stay in business

We are evaluating the Ionic framework for our development, but one of the concerns is that you will be around in the future. From what we see you are not charging for anything - how are you remaining viable? Where do you get revenue? What is the plan to make sure you exist into the future?

Long story short, they have funding (see: and are working on paid services to be built ontop of the Ionic Platform. (see:

can you be more elaborate so my management will understand? Initial funding is great, but you need a revenue model to survive…

there is no concrete detail on your web site

lets be honest… a million does’nt go that far these days…

You guys have a great product, but we all need to be sure you will be around…

Hey @mgusmano, like @andrewmcgivery said, we are a funded company and actually do make money, both from existing products and partnerships. We are doing quite well financially.

Also, at the end of the day Ionic is open source. We have a large community contributing many changes and improvements, so investing in us is a lot safer than investing in a proprietary solution that might disappear tomorrow. Open source is a bit of a safety switch in general.

If you’d like to chat more about it over email feel free to email me. It’s just max AT this domain.