Chrome Remote Device debugging freezes app


if i inspect my app on an android device via chrome remote devices and have the screencast activated, the app freezes. Android starts asking for wait or close.

This never happend before in the last 2 years.

I tried different chrome browsers, different usb ports, different android platforms (6.4.x, 7.1.x).

Another ionic v4 app works without problems on the same device.



Hi there!

I have exactly the same behavior.
And as soon as I close the Remote Device window in chrome, the app does not freeze anymore.

To bypass this : Do you know how I can access “console.log” within my terminal ?



I’m experiencing the same problem except unlike @ttben, my app doesn’t come ‘back alive’ when the chrome debugging window is closed.

One thing I noticed is that it I refresh the debugger chrome window it lets me tap tappable elements within the app (such as a tab in the starter app) once, but only once. The app then freezes for good. If I don’t connect to the app via Chrome, the app works fine.

This is happening even for the ionic tabs starter app.


Hi radek, I had the same issue, for me I could solve it by disabling the live view. To do so, click on the small “Mobile Devices” Icon in the top left of the dev tools. (See also
( ).