How Do I Make Custom App Links?

Hey everyone,
So… I’ve been a little curious how I can make my apps run together. We’re all aware how if you go to a YouTube video on your phone it’ll launch the YouTube app or if you’re on the Facebook app and you click the Messenger icon it’ll open the Messenger app.

I want my app to be able to do that and if the other app (Messenger for example) isn’t installed it’ll shoot them over to the market:// so they can download my other app. I want both of my apps to inherit one another.

If you can please send me links to tutorials or whatever to help me further understand. Because, I really want this feature ruled out in my next update and I’m expecting to release my new update within the next few days. Any and all help is EXTREMELY appreciated.


Deep linking could be achieved, as far as I know, with:

  1. which is an easy and well documented solution I think


  1. the ionic-plugin-deeplinks (not maintained by Ionic anymore but seems maintained by the community)
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@reedrichards I was looking at the ionic-plugin-deeplinks but I’m using Ionic v1, how would I pase the data? So, I could be like myapp://username then load that user’s profile or myapp://settings which would deploy my settings page?

Ultimately I’d like this to be able to route throughout my services regardless what they’re requesting.


  • myapp://home
  • myapp://username1
  • myapp://about/terms
  • myapp://contact

I only offer HTTPS links so if possible I’d like to make it where they only get handled via HTTPS also. Also, how would I branch those as described in whereas if the app(s) aren’t installed then it’ll launch the market://myapp for them to download my app?


About ionic-plugin-deeplinks seriously I can’t help, I don’t use this plugin since months

About, just give a try, it’s pretty well documented

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Thank you for your help, I’ve marked your first reply as the solution.

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