How do I export the Sqlite3 from an Android

i need to troubleshoot errors in the Sqllite3 database that I have created in Ionic.
I have used the following command to create is

      name: this.database_name,
      location: 'default'

My question is how can i export this - e.g. via email
Or even better view the db via the device
Thanks fo the help team - new to Ionic

I use this in an Ionic 3 app to export the local db and upload somewhere else:

import { File, DirectoryEntry } from '@ionic-native/file';
var fileUrl = this._File.applicationStorageDirectory + "databases/<db_name_here>"; 
var dateString = moment().format('HH:mm:ss, ddd, DD/MM/YYYY')
  .replace(/\//g, '-')
  .replace(/ /g, '-')
  .replace(/:/g, '-')
  .replace(/,/g, '-');              
var outFileName = "backup_date_" + dateString + ".db";
this._File.resolveLocalFilesystemUrl(fileUrl).then(fileEntry => {
  this._File.resolveDirectoryUrl(this._File.externalDataDirectory || this._File.documentsDirectory).then(dirEntry => {
    fileEntry.copyTo(dirEntry, outFileName, 
      (success) => {                    
        // do something with outFileName                  
      (err) => {
        // do what you want with this error
  }).catch(err => {
    // do what you want with this error
}).catch(err => {
  // do what you want with this error

Thanks for that @Daveshirman , any idea how to do that for Ionic 5 ?, I am also using Cordova
I have errors stating that applicationStorageDirectory is not a member of _File, even after declaring the Constructor

I’ve not tried it with Ionic 5.

However any error you get with the _File wrapper is down to Ionic Native wrapper, so double check you’ve installed that first.

Did you install the wrapper (and the Cordova plugin) from here: File API Plugin for Read and Write File Access on Devices