How do I export an Xcode project?


A friend of mine has been working on a project in ionic and has sent me a zip folder with some files like “bower.json” “gulpfile.js” a few other things and some folders and something called “ionic.project”. I have no idea what ionic is or how it works and I don’t know how to open any of the files.

I am very comfortable working in Xcode and just want to open it there. How do I convert it all to Xcode? I never use terminal and a lot of these forums tell me to do things that I’m very unsure about. Please can anyone help me?


I open an Ionic project in Xcode by going to file->open:
then in the ionic project go to platforms->ios. open that in Xcode

as you’ve posted in Ionic-v1, could be very different though. I only have experience doing this in version 2+


You don’t.

Ionic projects only generate a Xcode project in the last step, but you normally don’t edit anything in there but only create the .ipa and upload it to the store.

You start by installing Ionic CLI and Cordova via npm: npm i -g ionic cordova. You then use the available commands like ionic serve or ionic cordova run ios.

If you have bower.json the project obviously is a Ionic v1 project, so your docs live here:

PS: Friends don’t send friends “zip files”. Please create a Git repo (free private ones on Bitbucket) and use this, otherwise merging changes back will be a major hassle.