How do I distribute images with iOS app?

My single page web app shows images loaded from the server with the src property in img tags. I want the iOS app version to include the images and load them from its internal data (to avoid having to wait to fetch them over the internet). How do I set Capacitor up to include the images with the iOS app?

Are you using any type of JS framework? For example in an Ionic Vue project, you would put them in the public folder and then reference it as follows:

<img src="/assets/logo.svg" />

Thank you.
I’m using Svelte 4 (not kit). Images are in a subfolder to Public folder; that subfolder and its content is copied to the distr folder when compiled/build for the web. Will that subfolder to the distr folder be included in the iOS build?

It should be. Capacitor copies the distribution files over to ios/App/App/public.

Thats great! Thank you for prompt response!