How disable first and last slides bounce in SlideBox?

Hello. How can I disable bounce effect of first and last slides in SlideBox like on this image - (blue and pink slides)?

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you can do something like this:

if ($ionicSlideBoxDelegate.currentIndex() == 0 || $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.currentIndex() == mySlidesLength-1) {
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it is cool, but now I can’t swipe on this slides :slight_smile: I just don’t want to see black borders when I swipe to the right first slide and to the left last slide.

Oh right! you won’t be able to slide back with my solution :smiley: sorry. Hmm I don’t know any other way…

How other developers works with SlideBox and this white/black borders in their apps?

looks like this issue has been pushed, but not fully working for slide box

last resort you might take a look at this,

Thank you. It is what I am searching

Hi @Stanislav is this working right now?
Doesn’t seem to work for me. Testing in Ionic 1.0 stable.

I don’t try. I change some logic in my app so I don’t need to disable this bounce effect.

My solution using drag-left and drag-right on first and last slide to enable slide and watch the indexSlide to disable it.

Hey, Scrubles!

I would be really happy if you could contact me and help me out a little bit. I can’t make this drag-left and drag-right to work.

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Hey there.

What’s up? You should check if the version is the same, that example is 1.1.0, and they might have changed something.