How could I minimize App launch time? (Ionic React + Capacitor)


I would like to build my app based on Ionic React into native apps (ios/android).
The first thing that I felt was it really fairly fast comparing with native apps while using the app.
However, the first launching of the app is a little bit slow although I build it in production mode. It takes about 3 seconds running the application.
I’d like to reduce this. Is this time-taking while it moves bridgeActivity to MainActivity with WebView?

How can I minimize this? I wanted it to be as quickly as possible.
I made my capacitor.config.json like this as well:

  "plugins": {
    "PushNotifications": {
      "presentationOptions": [

Thank you.

oh… I made a mistake pasting my capacitor.config.json.
What I wanted to show was like following:

    "SplashScreen": {
      "launchShowDuration": 0,
      "launchAutoHide": false,
      "backgroundColor": "#0FC897ff",
      "androidSplashResourceName": "custom_splash"