How come my swipe button in ion-list is so small?


<ion-list can-swipe="listCanSwipe" show-delete="shouldShowDelete">
	        <ion-item ng-repeat="post in infinite_posts" item="post">
          		<p> {{ }} </p>
				<button ng-click='somefun2($index)'  
					class="button button-energized icon ion-paper-airplane " 
				<ion-option-button class="button-positive"

Also, is it possible to know how far did user swiped?
swiping 10% of whole width or 30%of whole width…?

Is there a reason you have the show-delete attribute? There isn’t an ion-delete-button in the ion-item and this could be causing the issue. I am able to take your code and see the entire option button as long as the show-delete is removed (or if it is there an ion-delete-button exists but is not being displayed as you can’t swipe to open when it is displayed #1466). Codepen example:

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Thanks, I see that that could be a problem :smile: