How can use a custom theme for my application


Hi there,

I bought an ionic theme, its name is Musicana. But how can use that? I tried copy all files to www directory, but when I start app again src files override my template.

Thanks for your hepls.

Here is the files include in theme’s folder


Contact your seller. All items in the www folder are overwritten with each new build (ie ionic serve).

It varies if you are developing Ionic 1 or new Ionic as to the files locations.


Thanks for your answer. I sent an email to seller. I am developing on Ionic 2, theme just includes www files, there is no files like src files.

Can just seller help me?




Hi, thanks for your answer. I can theming an app, but I need use a purchased theme. That has no elements like src items, just have html, css and angular files like www directory’s files.


If its a theme then it should have some .scss files?

If it has .css files see:


I inserted a capture from theme’s directory by edit question. You can look, I’m afraid it’s only an html design… But thanks for your answer.

edit: I forgot to say I looked link, it doesn’t see to help me. I think I can’t compile all files with a config.json :confused: but if you think “yes you can” I am glad to hear your ideas


What’s in the /lib/ionic/scss folder?

 - lib
   - ionic
      - scss


Here is the capture


Ok, so you have the theme’s .scss files you just need to add them to your project.

For example, update variables.scss as follows:


// App Theme
// --------------------------------------------------

@import "ionic.theme.default";

@import "./_action-sheet.scss";

Then apply the theme's styles to your templates.


Ok, thank you I will try :slight_smile: I bought wrong version, it was for Ionic 1.3.x :confused: