Themes for Ionic 2


we are building an app with Ionic 2. We want to give it a ‘professional’ look.
The official docs does not cover in details how to build a theme for the app.

  • We did not found any theme for Ionic 2 on the market, are there on the web some Ionic 2 theme?
  • Is there a sort of tutorial which can help us with creating the UI theme for Ionic 2?
  • Exists a guide to migrate a Ionic 1 theme to Ionic 2?

Thanks in advance.

I’m also looking for a sample theme or a guide on how to start. For my particular use case, I want to override some of the styles in found in ionic/components/label/label.scss but I don’t want to make the changes on the original file as they will get overwritten with the next update.

Any ideas?

The section on ~theming~ is a great place to start

Don’t be afraid to dig around the docs haha

This changed a bit from V1 to V2, theming and styling is a little more unified which is actually super nice

@nnnnnorthhhhh thanks for the tip and although the section on ~theming~ is a great place to start, it does not have a sample theme (even a basic one) that we can use to get started. In an attempt to create my own theme, I created a new file called mytheme.scss under the theme folder and overrode a few styles from the ionic/components/label/label.scss file. Then, I added the following import into the app.core.scss file

@import "../theme/mytheme.scss";

Is this how ~theming~ is supposed to be implemented?

I wrote a bit of a guide on how to theme Ionic 2 applications:

There’s not really one particular way that you have to theme your application, but in general I would:

  • Override default SASS variables where possible (in app.variables.scss)
  • Create custom classes specific to a component in that components .scss file
  • Create custom classes used throughout the application in the app.core.scss file

@joshmorony exactly what I was looking for :+1:


We’ve just released a very simple Ionic 2 theme, you can find it on gumroad:

It costs $12, we will need this so we can update and maintain the project based on your demands.

Any comments or requests will be appreciated.


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