How can Remove the specified permissions for SMS, from app's manifest for an Ionic 3 Android APP

I’ve developed for a client an Ionic 3 app that sends informative text messages - SMS to clients.
For this app I received the following Google Play warning:

" Hello Google Play Developer,
In October, we announced updates to our Permissions policy that will limit which apps are allowed to request Call Log and SMS permissions. This is the second notification to let you know that this policy may impact one or more of your apps.

Only an app that has been selected as a user’s default app for making calls or text messages, or whose core functionality is approved for one of the exception use cases, will be able to access Call Log or SMS permissions.

Below, we’ve listed a sample of apps from your catalog which may not meet the requirements for permission requests.

Action required

Please read through the Permissions policy and the Play Console Help Center article, which describes intended uses, exceptions, invalid uses, and alternative options for use of Call Log or SMS permissions, to determine which of the following options apply to your affected app(s):

* Option 1) Your app does not require access to Call Log or SMS permissions: Remove the specified permissions from your app’s manifest, or migrate to an alternative implementation by January 9, 2019 . If you require additional time to remove permissions or migrate to an alternative option, submit a Permissions Declaration Form to request an extension until March 9, 2019.

* Option 2) Your app is a default handler, or you believe your app qualifies for an exception: If you haven’t already done so, submit a request using the Permissions Declaration Form by January 9, 2019 . We are currently reviewing submissions and will respond to your request. *Note: You do not need to make changes to your app in order to be eligible to submit a request.*"

It seems that the solution would be " Option 1) Your app does not require access to Call Log or SMS permissions: Remove the specified permissions from your app’s manifest."
But I don’t understand what to do. Where should I change and what? Should I modify my config.xml or the way I use this.sms.send() ? Or something else?

In my app I use SMS Plugin (

To send the text messages I use a vector and call for each element the sms.send();

  for(var i=0;i<this.v_sms_complet.length;i++){
                if (this.v_sms_complet[i].CHECK_OK==true){
                          //send sms
                          this.sms.send(this.v_sms_complet[i].phone, this.v_sms_complet[i].text_sms);
                          this.sleep(0.5);//0.5 second pause after each sms

Thanks in advance!



I had the same problem, to solve the problem I changed the binary of the internal test.

Hi, thanks for your answer. Can you be more explicit? What binary and what internal test are you refering to?


On the google play console -> Release Management -> App releases

I had updated the production track and Internal test track.

I don’t know if you have some alpha or beta.

i am facing the same issue while publishing app. can u share some details if u have resolved this issue (i am using sms to invite and using callnumber plugin to initiate calls)

let me know if you find a solution as all

i am facing the same issue while publishing app