Confused about Play Store Permissions declaration form with cordova SMS plugin

My Andoird app is only using the SMS plugin to populate the SMS app with the phone # and message text, but isn’t actually sending the SMS text.

When I upload the .apk to the Play Store, it shows that I have the SMS_send permission, which I need, otherwise it doesn’t do anything.

However, Google keeps rejecting my app saying that I’m not using it as core functionality. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to get around this? Google docs on this subject are infuriatingly cryptic.

Any help here on how to get this working?

If you only want to open the SMS Dialog/App, you can use the SocialSharing Plugin. It has a Methode shareViaSms:

The Plugin you are currently using is to directly send the SMS (on Android), that’s why it adds this Permission.