How can I use latest @angular/router 3.0.0-beta.2 in ionic 2?


From New Angular2 Router support in Ionic still no dice. Not sure what’s in ionic 2 is breaking @angular/router latest. Can somebody shed some lights?

I’ve been looking at but that isn’t for the latest @angular/router


I tried in beta.10, it no longer works.


They are integrating it, but it’s Work In Progress.


Where do you see the message, I’ve googled extensively but I didn’t find anything.


@mhartington have said that repeatedly on the forum, too much questions about @angular/router lately


It’s also in our changelog :grin:


Ye I did see that, I just wanted to try my luck. In another post someone mentioned that ionic 2 hasn’t been using @angular/router so it shouldn’t matter so I dived a bit deeper. Thanks for clarification anyway.