How can I use CLI by using Ionic Pack in Visual Studio

I’m using Visual Studio Community 2015 + Ionic Pack.

How can I use “ionic resources” command in my situation?

From what I see this only adds some options to Visual Studio. Can’t you just run ionic resources from the command line manually?

So… I should install another cordova & ionic CLI environment. Is that right?

Just now, I’m using ionic in Visual Studio only.
The command line window says “ionic command not found.”

Oh, to build the app you will need Ionic CLI anyway.

Calling npm install -g ionic cordova should be enough to install everything you need.
(If you don’t have npm yet you also have to install Node.js that brings npm with it)

I’m building my app in Visual Studio by using “build” menu.
Of cause, this app works very correctly.

So, I think it’s not so necessary to build by using CLI.
Should I use CLI building?

If you’re happy how VS is building for you that is fine (I don’t know anything about it). But for ionic resources you will probably have to switch to the CLI. It’s not that hard.

Thank you so much for you reply.
I did “ionic resources” in ionic CLI.