How can I pull in the master branch of cordova ios

My app on ios has been constantly crashing, appears to be down to this cordova issue - The fix has been merged into the master cordova branch now. How can I pull the master branch down and use it for the ios platform?

Thanks in advance

You could import the specific fix for this issue to replace the cordova-ios implementation:

cordova platform add

That branch no longer exists, pulled in the master branch but my white screen crashes still persist. Ready to ditch ionic after almost a month of trying to fix this.

As a last ditch attempt at finding help I’ve added this:

I think it is more a Cordova issue than an Ionic issue. I’m struggling also with implementing WkWebView in an existing application. It’s loading but dies after the splash screen, no error messages in console log.

I found an Ionic implementation guide for WkWebView:
Seems to work in a newly created project, but for me it’s not working in an exsiting. Think I will stick to UIWebView.

New release of cordova-ios 4.0.1 including fix for CB-10530 was released yesterday: