How can I programmatically trigger IonRefresher in Ionic 5 React?

How can I programmatically trigger IonRefresher when I click the button?

<IonContent ref={ionContentRef} slot="fixed">
            onIonRefresh={(e) => {
<IonButton onClick={refreshByClickButton}></IonButton>

Currently not possible. I created a PR some time ago:

Give it a like maybe to prio is higher :blush:

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I hate to be that guy, but why would you want to do that.

Just use your own loader/spinner or whatever you want… except the IonRefresher.

Create it as a component with flashy gif’s etc. that’s controlled through global state and then use it throughout your application and give the user a consistent experience.

‘give the user a consistent experience’
exactly. To have a single animation/whatever that says “i am refreshing something”. And since the ionRefresher is already there, why not trigger that instead of making your own custom animation/spinner that basically does the same thing?

Because it was, at the time of writing… not possible?

It had been possible in earlier versions of ionic, that’s why we want it. I’m currently upgrading an app from ionic 3 to ionic 5, and this possibility is lost in time. I would really like to have it back :wink: