How can I programmatically trigger IonRefresher in Ionic 5 React?

How can I programmatically trigger IonRefresher when I click the button?

<IonContent ref={ionContentRef} slot="fixed">
            onIonRefresh={(e) => {
<IonButton onClick={refreshByClickButton}></IonButton>

Currently not possible. I created a PR some time ago:

Give it a like maybe to prio is higher :blush:

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I hate to be that guy, but why would you want to do that.

Just use your own loader/spinner or whatever you want… except the IonRefresher.

Create it as a component with flashy gif’s etc. that’s controlled through global state and then use it throughout your application and give the user a consistent experience.

‘give the user a consistent experience’
exactly. To have a single animation/whatever that says “i am refreshing something”. And since the ionRefresher is already there, why not trigger that instead of making your own custom animation/spinner that basically does the same thing?

Because it was, at the time of writing… not possible?