Activate ion-refresher via code

Hi guys

I’m creating an application that gets some data from the cloud.
I’ve added the to my page to get the data.

When giving the application to some people for testing, I’ve noticed that they didn’t know they had to pull on the page to refresh the data.
As a method to solve the problem I’ve added a big refresh button at the right upper corner to get the data.

Is it possible to “activate” the visually so the user learns that you can also refresh the data by pulling the page?
Do I have to change some Y-scroll values of the page or can I do it another way?
(I coudn’t find an answer in the ionic docs -


I’d love to trigger a refresh programmatically too. For me, this would be especially useful if a view will be loading for the first time and has to load a list (or similar).

So there’s no way at the moment to trigger the refresher animation programmatically