How can i move from different views to a common view


i have added ionic popover in my every view now if the user clicks on pop over to user should land into the common view and have a back button to move back where he came from can you please help me to do that as i m a newbie


Put a template inside of the popover, and use ui-sref (the Angular equivalent of href) to navigate to different states. The back button should come and go depending on the state.


do i have to also include urlrouter in my app.js or not as i am new to angularjs i am bit confused

suppose lets take the example of ionic tabs and on each tab i add a popover on top even inside the chat-details page so i have a common functionality pages in my popover page that navigate to aboutus.html and feedback.html so that user can access them from anywhere and go back to the page where he came from and even maintaing the tabs so that for example in chats he went to about us and then moved to another tab and when he comes back to chats he will still be on the about us page

can you please help