How can i insert the console tab (in inspect) errors into mysql database?

have researched for few days on how can i insert the console errors (the tab while inspect on the browser) into mysql database but couldn’t find anything relatable.
and am not talking about the console log errors.

what i want to achieve is the runtime errors which can be logged for the production app.
or a way through which i can debug the production app.

it would be great if someone can help.

You could use Chrome to inspect the Web View - chrome://inspect/#devices. Safari has a similar option. You could also install something like Sentry.

Thank you so much for Sentry. Will try to implement it.

but before that,
is there any solution for inserting the errors which console throws, into database?

You would have to trap any errors at the global level in your app and then make an API call to your backend to record it in a DB.

Appreciate your quick response.

I have attached a sample image.

console error

Let me know how can i capture these errors from the console to the app.
if you can help me out with an example then it would be great.

I know nothing about Angular but looks like it provides a ErrorHandler hook that can be used (Reference).

Within handleError you would make an HTTP call to your backend with the error.