Best practices for Logging Ionic Apps

Hi there,

I am currently working on a project and customer is at another country.So when they are testing, they get some errors but its totaly dark side for me. Because I couldn’t log ionic apps.

For this reason I googled little bit and I found some solutions for Angular apps.The solutions like this:

They create method on backend for getting log information and log that into to DB. But if little minor error occurs or something like that,device should always go to backend. So this solutions doesn’t seems like best solution for me.
I am planning like this solution :
When errors comes up,Ionic log it into file or somewhere (I don’t know yet) and doesn’t create multiple entry for every error,then time to time send this datas to backend via service. But I am not sure this is the best way.

Is there anybody doing like this way or any other way ? Could you share with me ?


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I would use something like or
Raygun would be best as it supports JS, although Fabric is free, and you can just set the errors a logs/notes.

It depends whether you can afford to pay for Raygun, or use the free 30 day trial.

I have good experiences with Logentries:

Very easy to use and has a liberal free tier.

I’ve also integrated Logentries into my starter app:

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Can you be specific as in where you integrated log entries coz im a new to this…

Thankyou in advance :wink:

Sure, I’ve written a complete Wiki page describing how to use and configure Logentries in the quickstarter app:

By the way the piece of code which actually calls Logentries methods is this: