How can I implement WakeWord/HotWord detection in Ionic app

I am trying to build an app using Angular 4 and Ionic 3. So far, I have integrated my app with and Ionic Speech Recognition and TTS.
But the problem is speech recognition works on a click of a button or I have gotten it to work on shake gesture.
Is it possible to implement always listening kind of a solution just like Google Assistant (“Ok Google”).
How can I enable mic using trigger/wake/hot word like (Ok google, alexa, hey siri)?

I have been searching for wake word detection plugin that I can use in IONIC for weeks now.
I can find them in Python, Javascript but not in Typescript.
I don’t know why but there seems to be no wake detection development done in the direction of hybrid apps.
Please comment if you have found anything that can be used in IONIC project.

Below are the list that I have been through. Thought it might help other.

  1. Porcupine
  2. Snowboy
  3. @picovoice/porcupine_manager
  4. pocketsphinx-continuous
  5. pv-porcupine
  6. @picovoice/rhino_manager
  7. BumbleBee Hotword
  8. node-hotworddetector