How can i do a <ion-toolbar> with color="primary" on IOS

I’m trying to do a toolbar for my app on IOS that it haven’t to be translucent because the ion-content will pass through it and it looks so weird… (i’m using last estable ionic version)

My code:

How is it looks on IOS (I want a colored bar, not translucent):

How is it looks on ANDROID (i want this look on IOS too…):

¿Could you help me pls?

pls somebody help me, im being mad with this

Hi, @ortaprogram
My suggestion is the following.
I think you can fix the issue by adding mode=“md” in ion-header.
try this and let me know if that work on iPhone.

Hi, @baifeng , this fix only change the position of the title, being align to the left side. I think is a Notch problem. When the iphone has Notch, the toolbar colored is up but the logo, icon and title go down and without color background… srry my english is really bad.