How can i check whether image is hd or blur image in ionic?

We are able to capture the image and able to ocr scan also but we are unable to find out whether that image is hd or blur image?is there any plugin to do this?is there npm packages to do this functionality?

What does that mean?

If user uploads some image i need to check that image is good (I mean with out any blur) or that image is not good(contain blur) so that i can process that image.

Will you process the image on the device or server side?

I am not aware of any technology or plugin in Cordova that can check the image quality.

Any thing is fine we are actually using nodejs for backend if you tell any npm package to do this functionality that’s also fine.If you tell any cordova plugin for that that is also fine for us.we have used that cordova camera plugin we have given quality parameter 100 still it’s able to take blur image for processing.

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Some OCR-related links:

Ya i have seen the all plugins links what you have given for me those are all for ocr scan.Those are not for finding the image clarity.Any way finally i able to find the solution using nodejs.
I have used this one for checking that image has blur on it or not

Thanks for your reply…