How can I check for outdated gradle plugins?

I’m using the @capawesome-team/capacitor-firebase plugin with Capacitor 4.

Recently, my builds started crashing; after some debugging, I traced the problem to an outdated use of' in build.gradle`.

When I updated the version to 1.4.1, the build started working again. I found the correct version by checking the Firebase SDK version list, but surely there is a better way to do this than to manually check a website before each build to ensure the versions are correct.

So my question is how can I check for outdated plugins in build.gradle? (This may be more of a general Android question, but I’m using Capacitor for iOS/Android/PWA and I don’t really know much about Android, so I’m hoping there’s some way to use a general tool (like Capacitor CLI?) to check for outdated dependencies.)

In Android Studio go to File → Project Structure → suggestions
But that only detects gradle dependencies, not gradle plugins.

For gradle plugins you can open the gradle file and hover over the plugin, Android Studio should show you the latest version and a button to update.

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Thanks, that’s helpful. Any idea about a way to automate this check?

you can check plugin version by, no need to check in gradle file.:

npm outdate

The plugins in the gradle file are not installed by npm, so npm outdated does not find them…