How are AngularJS, NodeJS, Ionic framework, Javascript related?

How are AngularJS, NodeJS, Ionic framework, JavaScript related? @leob Clarify :grinning:

JavaScript is a Skriptlanguage. NodeJS based on Googles v8 JavaScript Engine, where you can write backend systems (like PHP, PERL, Python) in pure JavaScript running on a server or simply create helper modules for the daily “work”.

AngularJS is a frontend framework for the creation of single page applications. Because you need to switch content dynamically and so on AngularJS is written in JavaScript. Ionic framework is based on angularjs and aims to build mobile apps with web technologies (HTML, JavaScript (angularjs), CSS). You can see mobile apps as single page applications because only some parts of the page is changing (no hard page reloads/changes).

I understood as NodeJS is a run time environment. Ionic Framework is independent of NodeJS environment?

Ionic only uses NodeJS for development tooling (e.g, the “gulp” build tool and the Ionic CLI are a NodeJS programs). But an Ionic app running on a device (phone/tablet) doesn’t use or depend on NodeJS.


like leop said - the framework itself is only one part if ionic and only requires AngularJS. The cli is a tool to combine most parts of the ionic universe and is based on nodejs (like cordova-cli).