Hide scrollbar ion-content for the web


How can I hide the scrollbar bar display by the directive ion-content in the version 1.2.1 ?

On mobile this scrollbar is hidden but on the web (ionic serve --lab) the scrollbar is visible.



Every <ion-content> tag seems to end up compiling to wrap a <scroll-content>, and this results in a scrollbar that seems to require being displayed. Surely there is some way to disable <scroll-content> or hide the scrollbar, but I can’t find any way to do it. It looks like ionic 1 had some options to do this, namely classes like scroll="false", but these don’t work in ionic 2.

I’m using <ion-tabs> with varying content displayed in <ion-content>, and I think I am required to use <ion-content> if I want navigation to work properly in this context. But I want the page to scroll normally like any other page would. I don’t want a special scrollbar just within my <ion-content>.