Help with cards and CSS

Hi, I’m new with ionic and I’m feeling in love with this tool :smile:

I want to make a list of cards. I am trying to emulare this mockup:

All cards have this same structure. Each card has “2 columns” with this restrictions:

  • Left column must have fixed width and the width value is determined by the content width (an image). If I resize the window (or if I change the screen orientation) the width column must not change.
  • Right column has to fill the rest of the “row” (variable width). Its content is text that can be wrapped if doesn’t fit in the current width. If I resize the window the width column change.

I tried things like: and with “col-90”, style=“width:125px” and things like that. But I’m a programmer with a really bad CSS knowledge. For this reason I like very much Ionic, because It helps a lot with design and UX related stuff.

Please, can anybody help me? Thanks in advance